A path of 25 kms along the coast. Saint-Jean-de-Luz is located in the middle of this walk.

Saint-Jean-de-Luz is one of the gateways of the coastal path. 
This coastal path connects Bidart to Hendaye with a direct view of the ocean and a path that is dedicated to discovery and interpretation. The path extends along 25 kms with eight gateways : Bidart, Guéthary, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Ciboure, 2 in Urrugne et 2 in Hendaye.
Six points of interpretation can be found, treating various themes such as surfing, the Basque people and the ocean, the coastal landscape, the fishing, Saint-Jean-de-Luz/Ciboure's bay, the geology.

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- from Bidart to Saint-Jean-de-Luz
- from Saint-Jean-de-Luz to Hendaye

Other walks are possible around Saint-Jean-de-Luz :

We propose accompanied and guided hiking trails for young and old alike, so whether you are a sportsman or not, come and enjoy the beutiful countryside.

Some tips
It is better to walk from north to south (Bidart-Hendaye) to enjoy the scenery to its best advantage. It is forbidden to bike on the path. Access is prohibited to animals in some sections particularly the beaches and the Domain of Abbadia in Hendaye. It is quite possible to use the transport network in order to leave your car in one place, walk the length of the coastal path and return to the beginning by bus or by train.

Bus schedules : 

Guidebooks are available at the tourist office.

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