Bayonne, Anglet and Biarritz

Bayonne, Anglet, Biarritz : our three older sisters : three different characters !

Bayonne : festivals and heritage     


Bayonne is known for its famous Bayonne ham and chocolate. Bayonne has a rich historical heritage and is exceptionally proud of its label "City of Art and History".

This characterful city has withstood victoriously fourteen state of sieges. Bayonne looks towards the future, it is the economical, administrative and cultural  capital of the region.

The festival of Bayonne will be held from 27th to 31st July 2016.

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Anglet : surf and nature

Well known for the mixed culture of the Basque Country and Gascony, the long beaches of "chambre d'amour" give way to cliffs 30 to 50 m in height and the small beaches and coves.

Explore on foot or by bike the lively beaches of this area, all lined with kiosks and terraces to the quiet beach of "La Barre". Enjoy the waves and let your mind wander, before you take the plunge.

Find delight under the shade of pine trees and inhale the scent of resin in this area of "Chiberta".

Green paths, bike trails, walking trails and fitness trails offer you a thousand ways to purify yourselves, in the heart of the Pignada and Lazaretto forests. Finally, do not forget the beautiful  ecological park of Izadia.

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Biarritz was originally a small whale fishing harbor before becaming a seaside resort known around the world. In the early nineteenth century Biarritz turned gradually from a village to a town. In fact, during this time, important families of Madrid society chose Biarritz as THE resort, (including, in 1938) the General Palafox, Count Tebasn and his wife and their two daughters, Frances and Eugenie. The Empress Eugénie will return to Biarritz with Napoleon III.

He undertook major work to create the port, and tunnels under the Atalaye and also built the harbor breakwater. The Court moved to Biarritz and welcomed European royalty. The popularity of the Queen Nathalie of Serbia, Russian dukes and the king of Spain, Alfonso XIII, gave Biarritz International notoriety.

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