All generations get together to play, share and comment of course ... Each village has its own Basque "fronton". Much more than a sport: it is a spectacular tradition

1 wall, 1 ball and 2 people: this is the minimum required to play Basque pelota.

This wall or "fronton" is often the central square of the village. All generations get together to play and share. So it is not surprising that each village has its own Basque "fronton". Often it even has 2 or 3 other playgrounds: the trinquet, the "wall to the left" and "jai-alai".

We practice seven different disciplines since the 18th century. But little by little, three disciplines in particular are played: bare hand (main nue), the paleta and "cesta punta".
The characteristics of each are very different:
- Strength and endurance for the bare hand. Pelotaris (players) play with a ball as hard as a rock.
- Accuracy for paleta where 4 players compete in a small space.
- Power, speed and agility for cesta punta is undoubtedly the most spectacular. The ball can reach speeds of 250 km / h.


Basque pelota is a demanding sport physically and technically. During the match, competitors climb up the walls, run back and sideways, throwing themselves on the ground, play independently with the right hand or the left ... A true spectacle.

Children practice at school, or in clubs, but also with the family. Often the grandfather takes his little grandson to "hit the ball." Later the father shares the joy of playing with his son in amateur tournaments. Father and son playing together : the value ​​of sport, fair play, the taste of the effort are then transmitted by the elder.

Do you want to try ?

Introduction to Basque pelota
During the school holidays every Monday and Thursday at 10 am. From 7 years old. Price : 10€
Reservations required : contact the Tourist Office of Saint Jean de Luz, 20 Bd Victor Hugo 05 59 26 03 16.
Introduction to cesta punta
Discover cesta punta, the fastest and most spectacular of the pelota disciplines, with a qualified instructor from the Luzean club, from late June to late August on Tuesday's, Wednesdays and Fridays morning.
From 7 years old. Price: 10 €. 

Reservations required : contact the Tourist Office of Saint Jean de Luz, 20 Bd Victor Hugo 0559260316



Bureau d'Accueil Touristique de Saint-Jean-de-Luz

20 Boulevard Victor Hugo
64500 Saint-Jean-de-Luz

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