Maison Louis XIV

A magnificent house of the seventeenth century, Lohobiague-enea, better known under the name of Maison Louis XIV, is located near the harbour in the historical center of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Place Louis XIV.

It was built in 1643 by a wealthy shipowner, Joannis Lohobiague, whose family owned several fishing boats. Characterized by its two corner turrets topped with slate roofs, its main facade in stone, a truly classical style, is said to be the façade Louis XIII.

9th june 1660 …

Lohobiague-Enea is intimately linked to the marriage of Louis XIV with Maria Theresa of Austria, Infanta of Spain, since it is in this house that the young monarch lodged for over a month. Imagine the activity of the house throughout this period: Louis XIV lived there, complying to protocol, and messengers, lords, courtiers and churchmen came and went regularly.

A fascinating story ...

It still belongs to the descendants of the owner. They have opened the house to visitors for a part of the year and have therefore been able to upkeep the furniture.

Accompanied by a guide, you will discover the  environment of one of the richest families of shipowners of the seventeenth century. The apartments on the second floor will surprise you: the large living room decorated with gilded wooden windows, the gallery where you can admire the view over the harbour, the typical Basque cuisine, the strange dining room whose walls are made of wooden panels painted in shades of green, and of course the great chamber, called the king's chamber, in which slept Louis XIV !!!

A fascinating immersion into the History of Saint-Jean-de-Luz !!!

Maison Louis XIV

6 Place Louis XIV
64500 Saint-Jean-de-Luz

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