The ancient fishing port (they fished cod in the fifteenth century and went whale hunting to Newfoundland) with its newly refurbished private fish market, and its colorful boats, is a big part of the Luzien heritage, and is animated by its boat trips.

We fish for anchovy, for tuna and for hake. A real economy for the Basque Country, with active wholesale fish merchants and regular trawlers on the open sea. The fishing industry assures more than 600 jobs here.  A strategic and dynamic point for the city, between history and economic modernity.

About 10 000 tons of fish and a hundred different species are fished and sold at the fish market of Saint-Jean-de-Luz / Ciboure each year which puts this market in 6th place out of 36 in France.

Discover the Hake line fishing of Saint-Jean-de-Luz:

It is a small-scale fishing that is practiced on a small boat with lines and hooks that focuses on qualitative rather than quantitative selection. You can buy hake at the fishmongers under the covered market of Saint-Jean-de-Luz which is open daily.


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